:"Master Of Bulgarian Shred!!!"

"Atanas Shishkov is a versatile guitar player with broad-minded attitude
and tolerance to different styles and subgenres.
I can willingly recommend this EP to the fans of Frank Gambale,
Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson and Kosta Vreto.

Hard Rock Haven :
"Atanas is really expressive guitarist, he incorporates melodies, grooves
and soloing into a landscape that breathes with each note that is struck..."

Insane : "There is a lot more to Atanas's music than
crazy tapping arpeggios and fast runs, though.
There is a lot of depth to the music, and perhaps words
cannot adequately describe everything that needs to be said..."

Nucleus :
"...Atanas has his own style: big guitar tone, speed, emotion,
technique, feeling and all the stuff that you can imagine!..."

Shredaholic : Shishkov’s songs have a nice original and exotic feel
with great technical shred and melodic lead work on top..."

Fusion Site : "Atanas is a guitarist worth keeping an eye on."