Atanas Shishkov
"Flying Colours"

01. Exotic Nights - 3:26
02. Cool Breeze - 4:05
03. Flying Colours - 4:03
04. The Neon Marmaid - 3:22
05. Pearl Driver - 3:59
06. Song For Julie - 3:25
07. Mozart - Howe Theme - 3:25
08. The Mysterious Tower - 4:12

Atanas Shishkov - all guitars, bass, keyboards and drum programming ;
All songs written by Atanas Shishkov except 7 /theme by W.A. Mozart/ ;

Produced by Atanas Shishkov
Recorded by Atanas Shishkov
Mixed by Svetlin Staikov
Mixed at the studio "The White, Green and Reds", Plovdiv, BG
Cover Art by Nikolaj
Cover Design by Julian Ivanov

Equipment used :
Guitar : "Hohner Professional ST59"
Synthesizers : "Kawai" and "Casio CTK 647"
Recorder : "Tascam Portastudio 424mkII - 4 track recorder"
Effect : "Zoom 3000 Player-Guitar Multieffect"
Effect : "Lell Chorus & Delay"
Strings : "SIT Strings /9"/ "

Special thanks to :
Svetlin Staikov and all my friends from "The White, Green and Reds",
Boris Kadiev, Nikolaj, Julian Ivanov, Francesco Fareri, Derryl Gabel,
Eric Vandenberg, Simon Badham, Chris Brungardt ("Chops From Hell"),
Gunharth Randolf ("iBreathe Music"), Joel Wanasek ("Insane Guitar"),
Alex Stevenson ("Fusion Site"), Nick Martineli ("The Shred Zone"),
and all of my web-friends!!!
Thanks to my influences that always inspirated me with their music :
Greg Howe - Allan Holdsworth - Al Di Meola - Frank Gambale - Scott Henderson

Very Special Thanks To :
My family for their endless love and support,and to God for everything!

Album reviews :

"I recently had the chance to listen and review the album by the astonishing guitar talent Atanas Shishkov.
Well this album has a very nice touch too it, a lot of cool effects used on the guitars also.
A lot of wah and funky bass grooves, Shishkov’s songs have a nice original and
exotic feel with great technical shred and melodic lead work on top.

The album also particularly grooves very well throughout, topped well with some cool synth chords on top through a lot of it.
There is a fair bit of shredding present, which blends in well when needed, but not forgetting lots
of neat little melodic licks all played at a high ability.
Great technique showed in sweep picking, speed picking and some really cool harmonies and licks.

Shishkov’s style is also very original, I would mainly describe his sound as Funk meets Shred which is a big
advantage as a lot of today's guitarists seem to lack in terms of originality.
The songs also sound quite upbeat and energetic which is also another great factor about Shishkov’s music,
complimenting the music and creating an overall great feel to it.

The Mozart Cover of the ‘’Howe Theme’’ is a nice change to the rest of the songs, but may be too much of a
drastic change to the album for some. Nonetheless it’s a well chosen and well done cover.
Shishkov shows he can play neo-classical guitar very well.
Great use of harmonised guitars on that track too.

Overall it was quite a joy to listen to this album, I loved how the songs grooved so well together and how original Shishkov's style is.
Great technical and song writing ability also clearly presented on this disc, definately recommended."

"All of you have read the instructional lessons here at,
but have you ever stopped to wonder how the authors actually use the material they present to you?
Atanas G. Shishkov has written for the site in the past, but his work goes far beyond instructional columns.
His latest release, Flying Colours, speaks wonders for what developed technique, musicianship, and style can accomplish.
There is a lot more to Atanas's music than crazy tapping arpeggios and fast runs, though.
There is a lot of depth to the music, and perhaps words cannot adequately describe everything that needs to be said.
I was definitely taken aback by Shiskov's lead tone; it is simply stunning.
The melodies are very moving and show a deep love for music.
Perhaps the biggest surprise for me personally was the great style Atanas has.
Flying Colours is not full of “fast to be fast,” scooped-out-mids rhythm sections.
All the tunes have awesome grooves to them, but the melody is always in the limelight!
One of my favorite tracks on Flying Colours is “Mozart - Howe Theme.”
I remember hearing this played on piano when I was little, and I always loved it.
Shishkov's version really does Mozart justice.
You can check out clips of all the tunes from Flying Colours on Atanas Shishkov's site; his work is highly recommended!"
Insane Guitar

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