1. Excite Me
2. Fusion Illusion
3. Smooth Desire
4. Space Station
5. Spiraless
6. Magic Motion
7. The Winner
8. Miss You
9. Soft Target
10. Blue Jam

All misuc composed by Atanas Shishkov and Todor Peev
Arrangements by Kevin Gobin
Mastering by XARC Mastering, Germany
The album was recorded between September 2006 - February 2007.
"Spiraless" was recorded on the road.We used mobile studio workstation
based on the Mac Book Pro laptop with a Motu sound card.

Musicians :
Atanas Shishkov - guitar
Todor Peev(Blue2You) - guitar, keyboards, drums
Kevin Gobin - bass, keyboards, drums

Special guests :
Vincent Techer - guitar on tracks 6 and 10
Michel Rahabarhisoa - harmonica on track 10

Atanas Shishkov uses : Tom Anderson guitars, Johnson J-Station amplification, Klotz and ProCo cables,
Elixir strings 9", custom made wooden plectrum
Todor Peev uses : Tom Anderson guitars, Diezel amplification, Klotz and ProCo cables, TC Electronic,
RMC Wah, Peterson Strobo Stomp, Elixir strings 9", RainSong Acoustic guitars and his fingers.
Kevin Gobin uses : Fender Jazz bass, Peavey amplification, ProCo cables,
Vincent Techer uses : PRS and Suhr guitars, Diezel and CAE amplifications,
ProCo cables, TC Electronic and Eventide effects, RMC Wah,

Official website : www.spiraless.com

Album reviews :

"Spiraless is an international instrumental fusion trio founded in 2006 and made up of
Todor Peev (guitar, keys, drums; Blue2You), Atanas Shishkov (guitar) and Kevin Gobin (bass guitar, keys, drums).
There were also two guests on the debut: Vincent Techer (guitar) and Michel Rahabarhisoa (harmonica).

At the very beginning, I must sincerely admit that it is the best album with the participation of a
Bulgarian guitar virtuoso - Atanas Shishkov. His guitar neck up-and-down-slipping is simply exquisite.
The sound is excellently polished up and caressed. Even though it is a world-level fusion,
Atanas tries to smuggle the Balkan folk and blues rock music influences to his playing and does it very well.
Their variety of fusion is melodic, quiet and romantic. Thanks to all instrumentalists' superior technical skills,
they deserved to rise to fusion first-division status.
Believe me, they play in the same league Frank Gambale, Allan Holdsworth and Scott Henderson strikes the strings!"
Department of Virtuosity

"Spiraless are a musical project built around the talented guitar duo of Atanas Shishkov and Todor Peev.
Joining them on this, their debut as Spiraless, is Kevin Gobin who contributes bass guitar, keyboards and drums.
The music of Spiraless has its roots planted firmly in the genre described as jazz/rock fusion.
Atanas and Todor have great technique that they flaunt in flamboyant fashion
but thankfully never at the expense of the song.
Elsewhere “Smooth Desire” also features some almost liquid like playing
that brings to mind the spirit of Joe Satriani at his most fluid.
All in all a great release that for the most part hits
the spot and showcases two talents that we will hear more from in the future."
Hard Rock House

"Spiraless is a three man jazz-fusion instrumental rock band
from Reunion Island (Indian Ocean). They have released their debut album,
a self-titled 10-track CD full of emotional, entertaining progressive guitar based music.
The songs range from straight up jazz to rock as well as easy listening contemporary.
It is more similar to calmer more serious efforts from Steve Vai or Joe Satriani
or even fusion bands like Niacin or Ohm.
Much of the record is more under the heading of “mood” music
featuring delicate deep tones from the guitars with a strong bass guitar line,
almost like what you may have heard in a lounge
in the late ‘70s (and even elevator music at times). "
Hard Rock Haven

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